Friday, March 13, 2009

Cinema Verité

Not much of a blog tonight. We are just about finished with the preparation for packing for the cruise next week and tomorrow I will drive Patchie to Jenn's clinic for the week's boarding.

We had Little Evie today and as she was sitting on Nana's lap she was singing. I ran for the camera and of course, missed the event. But I got some good stuff to share.....Here she is just after I missed her singing....

And here she is dancing......

It was raining today and Evelyn's shoes were wet. Her little toes were cold so I took her shoes and dried them with a hair dryer. I was moved by her little toe imprints- like the shroud of Torino- so here is a video of that.

Daft I know but,

She is getting more difficult to entertain as her vocabulary and sense of self moves along. She certainly is inquisitive, and pushes every button she sees mine included.