Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Spectacular

I sold 60 cases of wine this last weekend. I am enjoying making a few extra bucks to spend foolishly on my/our next trip.
I had thought of going on a 4 day cruise from Vancouver to San Diego late in September but it filled up before I decided to take it.
Next in line was a Trans-Atlantic deal returning from Civitavecchia to Florida on Oct 4th but a few Dr appointments that we lined up squashed that. There is one other that is still in the offing. It's a cruise from Barcelona to Galveston.............may do that.
Problem is my most favorite companion cannot take the time to do it with me.
I may still do it though.

Sunday was a spectacular day. We had the twins in the morning and then had Evelyn for dinner while the twins went out to eat with their friend Henry.
Here's a video of Paige and Graham Sunday morning having a cheese snack, followed by a video showing Evie's fascination with Patchie.


Emily said...

That boy can put away some cheese!

And Evie talking back to Patch is adorable. "Ow! Ow!"

EdamameMommy said...

After we get done scarfing down your cheese and terrorizing your chihuahua, we'd love to cruise with you someday!

Jennifer said...

Who needs a Chihuahua movie when you've got that?

Anonymous said...

I need a break,Eric, I'll come with you. :o) you DO have a yen to move about don't you,,just like Mum.hahaha Norma.

Jennifer said...

Congrats on your Epic Eric weekend!

Anonymous said...

mmm forgot to say Congrats. on the sale of did well. :o)


paula said...

Congrats on selling so much wine ... the vids were great, love the "ow ow" ow" too.

Anonymous said...