Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ike - What a pain in the Patootie

We sweated out the storm -literally- and spent a couple of days in discomfort without airconditioning and without electricity. However I think we did the right thing staying here in the Walker's home because while I slept through the hurricane force winds, Bev heard a door bust open and saved the 'train room' from a disastrous deluge of rain and wind.

At our condo we lost a bedroom window that blew out -all the glass was outside- and the heavy drapery and flimsy shade kept most of the rain on Friday night off the carpet. I rode Steph's bike over on Saturday morning and did a temporary fix, mostly with duct tape, before the big rain Saturday night. I did a better more long term fix on Sunday with plywood. Thank God Steph had a large sheet of 3/4 inch plywood in the garage.

Today, Tuesday, both our neighborhood grocery shops are open and some of the traffic lights are working. Mostly they are not. Debris is still piled high everywhere you go and trees cover and block streets throughout the area. The first shop I went to had no dairy and only a little produse. They were running the cash registers from a generator but had no lights on in the store! The second store was Whole Foods and they were allowing people to enter 5 at a time as people were leaving the store. They had full power, frozen goods, dairy, meat, fish, fruit and bakery goods - fresh.

I am uploading video, 13 of them to YouTube. Those of you who wanna see them go to my account there. She is my new Buddy.

Here are a few pics I took Saturday and Sunday and I will have video to add to this post as soon as the 13 Evie vids are uploaded.


EdamameMommy said...

Thanks for uploading the vids. I enjoyed passing the time watching those while 3 out of 4 business men sleep and one bangs away at his computer and 2 children watch M. Poppins. Yeah! Loved seeing Ev doing what she always does PLUS the just-holding-Nana's-pants bit. Coupla hours...

Emily said...

Wow. The pictures really show the destruction.

I just LOVE watching Evie dance and wave to the Chihuahua video while saying "Hua Hua." She is so sweet!

Jennifer said...

How can Ev look simultaneously so big and so small in that chair? The real life chihuahua running under her is a bonus!

Anonymous said...