Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wish you were here......

I have just come home after a great night with the Del Monte bunch.
I do not have pics of the whole afternoon but I do have some from early on.
Steph, Evie B and I walked over to P...C..... to pick up Paige and Graham. Here are some pics of us meeting the kids and walking back to my house. And then a pic or two of us in Whole Foods getting mussels and clams. I left my camera at home after we went shopping but Steph will probably post some shots of the Dublin Dinner we made.

Our neighborhood is being retrofitted with new water mains and this is a fire hydrant before it's planted

Paige and Graham were so good in the little shopping cart that looked like a car. We pushed them around and fed them all the samples that Whole Foods offered today. Soup, fruit, cheese, and smoked salmon. It's a wonder they ate dinner at all. Of course, the dip in the pool helped work up our appetites.

This is Sr. Tony picking out our mussels