Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Am I spoiled or what?

Nana's out of town in El Paso. I kept busy ( Making sure Wall Street had a good Sept 11th ) and at about 4 pm I called the Walkers to check on some stuff. Al said something about ballet and costumes and I was welcome to join them. Where's do I go says I. So off I went to Leotards and Leggings and there were the twins getting outfits for their dance classes which begin in a few days. Then we went to a little Italian restaurant for an early dinner. It was perfect. We were the only ones in there at 5.15 and we had a little corner table in a beautiful room all to ourselves. Steph ordered for everyone and we had a real family type dinner with everyone sharing all the appetizers and main dishes. Everything was yummy except the artichoke which Nana can do much better. The baby was with us and either slept or was quiet. The twins ate like lumberjacks and then had dessert.
Of course I took my camera.
Here's Graham as we checked out of the apparel (Do not look at Mommy's feet----she just had a pedicure and her nails were drying in FLIP FLOPS!!!store

Here Paige is trying to decide which hair piece she should buy

Steph had Evie in the baby bjorn the whole time and I was amazed that she could eat the whole dinner without slopping any food onto Evelyn's head.

Last week the twins and I went with Al to his office. Here's a picture I took with Paige in the hallway on the 18th floor. Note the ducks hanging from the ceiling.

And here they sit nicely in Daddy's office

And a video in the hallway checking out the security system.

And getting in the elevator.


Emily said...

I'm so glad you are there to take all these pictures and videos...it helps me with my homesickness and missing my nieces and nephews. They are growing up so quickly and so beautiful.
I love the restaurant pics with Steph talking to Graham and Paige smiling at Evie. Steph makes me sick -- no makeup and as beautiful as ever!!! :-)
Must have been a weekend for the visit to the office since Al's in shorts. I love that they were so interested in the security card!

Norma said...

Lovely as usual...:o)

Jennifer said...

Those are great. P&G look so nice in their adorable outfits... and flip-flops! Nice office.

Anonymous said...