Saturday, August 25, 2007

Swimming before going home to Pflugerville

Anna and I went for a quick swim Friday morning before we headed off to Giddings to meet Anth. Here are a couple of videos showing the prowess of her diving.




And here we are in Giddings meeting her dad.

And this last one of Anna in the car with Syrup. She was expecting me to take a picture and I took a vid instead......and Nana checks Anna's loose tooth.


uncle buck said...

Thanks for all your deligent work in making these videos of my grand-niece and everyone else. I feel like I'm there with you!

When are you coming to Seattle???

Jennifer said...

I have never seen Anna dive, until tonight. The last one is def. the best. Thanks for all the bideos!

EdamameMommy said...

Yeah, we enjoyed them from way up here, too, on a windy late afternoon, it was the perfect thing to do. Paige really wants to get back to her diving lessons now. ;)

Emily said...

What a cutie. That last one of Nana checking her tooth reminds me of an old home movie when Jenn had a loose tooth.

somebody said...