Thursday, August 23, 2007

Anna said it: 'Time Flies'

When we got up this morning Anna was awake and waiting for us. She just stayed in bed lying quietly waiting for movement in the old folks ward!
Then down to waffles and syrup. Syrup, by the way, is the name given to her new kitty toy that meows like a real cat.
We discussed about it already being Thursday and tomorrow she would be returning to P'ville. She said "time flies"

Here 's a quick coupla vids of breakfast and jumping from island to island in a 6 year old's imagination.


Jennifer said...

I am watching Anna's videos at work without sound. It reminds me a little of watching our old home videos! She is so precious to me, even just eating waffles! I love that girl with every cell in my body!

Emily said...

She is a sweetie. It's so cute that she waited in her bed until you got up!

get2eric said...

Yep, she did the same thing today (Friday) too.

Anonymous said...