Monday, August 20, 2007

Anna's Back in Town..... dah dah

We are going to have a busy fun week 'cos Anna is visiting us till Friday. Colin started school today and Anna starts next week. So Nana asked if it would be OK to have her come visit. Jenn and Anth agreed so we met halfway between Pflugerville and Houston in a little town (misspelling theirs) called Chappell Hill. Jenn found this lovely restaurant where we could join up and have lunch. This is the menu board outside

This place is apparently reknowned for its pies. They had about 30 of them of more varieties than I had ever heard of. Even though none of us would normally eat pie :-) we did so on this occasion and here's what we got......
Anna's pecan

Nana's peach cobbler

Grandad's apple pie

Jenn's 'washed out' key lime (but delicious)

Here's Anna answering the question " How is you pecan pie Anna?"....

And finally two vids. One at the restaurant and the second when we arrived back at Bammel Lane after a one hour ride.


Jennifer said...

Those videos are funny! She is so articulate and expressive, esp. when hauling her loot up the stairs.

It is great to see her enjoying her time in the limelight of her g-parents. Colin, I think, is also enjoying being the center of attention here.

Steph, did you recognize the Nantucket dress? So sweet.

EdamameMommy said...

Um do you think that I want um I'm excited that she's in Houston? Are you excited thatch your in Houston Anna? Call me back. -G

Can I push the buttons of what I want to say, MOmmy? I am excited that you are in Houston Anna. Nana, I love you and I miss you Nana. I'll see you when I get back from Nantucket but here in Nantucket I always get up when the suns out and my dad said that today I got up really early. And Grandad? I think I just love your pictures and videos. I just got muffins for Graham and Mom. Call me, Grandad

Emily said...

Wow, she is so articulate and such a lovely child! I hope you all have a great time.

Jess said...

That bag must have been really heavy! haha! Great videos!!!

Anonymous said...