Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A walk in the park

In years past whenever we visited Houston we often excercised at Memorial Park. It has a well-traveled loop of 2.9 miles and is interesting because of the characters you see and the surroundings-trees, grass, animals etc.

Since we don't yet belong to a gym (as we did in ELP) we have been using the loop for exercise on a frequent basis. Usually walking around it in about 41 to 42 mins.......each time we do it we strive to equal or improve upon the time. Here's what it looks like.


Jennifer said...

Are you guys swimming in your lap pool, too? That would add a nice upper body and resistance work out. Especially as the heat and humidity climbs.

Emily said...

I remember that park. It is nice.

get2eric said...

I have been to the pool 3 times and each time over the past week the water is warmer and more tolerable. The first time, about a week ago now, it was about 74 degrees and felt cool. Yesterday it was no shock to the nerves at all and I am going again in a few minutes. I just swim about 10 laps.

Anonymous said...