Saturday, May 19, 2007

Colin's 4th Birthday Celebration

What a day! We had such a great day filled with family.
We got up early and drove to Austin (Pflugerville). This was one of the reasons that helped convince us to move to Houston- that we would be able to visit Austin for a day trip- and it worked perfectly. We were there after a 2.25 hr drive. 152 miles door to door.

The party started at 1100 and we helped carry all the stuff that Jenn and Anth had created out to the park which abuts (almost) their property.

Anth is a genius cake maker and here is the creation he made for 'train-mad' Colin:

Here's a video of the group in the park singing to Colin.

Emily read a story to Colin

We left at about 4 p.m. and got home by 6.30. With 2 nice bottles of vino from Emily and an ELECTRIC mosquito swatter from Jenn and Anthony

And as a footnote, here's one of Emily swinging Colin


Emily said...

Good videos. That's some camera!

EdamameMommy said...

Paige says, "Good."

Graham says, "I love you, Grandad. I hope you loved Colin's birthday. And the cake. Aaaaaaand I hope Colin really really likes it. And nothing else."

Jennifer said...

We were so glad that you guys came, too. I know it meant a lot to Colin-O.

I LOVE those videos!

Anthony said...


I remember standing there thinking I really should be filming this. Colin's face was so precious; he looked so happy! Thanks for doing that. I'll have to get the original from you sometimes.

Anonymous said...