Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Sticker Shock

A few weeks ago after arriving in Houston I went to Whole Foods and Central Market and frankly I was quite concerned by the pricing of the groceries. I mean onions $1.99 per pound and shrimp $14.99.........everything else followed along the same lines---way overpriced for my budget.
So, after trying Kroger and Randall's and Rice Epicurean and not being any more satisfied, I finally found where the HEB is. Not too far away just past The Galleria. Then I discovered FIESTA! Yeah. Shrimp are $6.99 and onions are .79..........everything else is similarly(reasonably) priced and just right for me.

Next week Nana and I are off to Austin to watch Anna and Colin while Anthony and Jennifer celebrate Anth's parents 50th anniversary.
It is great that we are close enough to be involved with the kids w/o having to endure airports and aircraft.
Here's a coupla pics from earlier this year. Colin looks like he's practicing 'speak no evil' then 'see no evil' Anna is showing Nana how well she can colour.


EdamameMommy said...

Oh cute -- I love seeing Anna reading. Wow.

Jennifer said...

That is a nice little quad of photos. Anna is wearing her sweater from Auntie Steph, which thanks to her tugging "friends" at school needs repair.

Norma said...

Lovely pictures,Eric..you are good on the videos too.

Jennifer said...

You know, my HEB has had Gulf shrimp on sale a few times this spring for 4.99 and 5.99/lb. You'll have to start looking at the food flyers in the newspaper!

Anonymous said...