Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Residence 2011

After being spoiled by Steph and Al with daily treats and enjoying the kids and the Southern California weather we went back to Houston for 5 days.  It was enough!

We decided to make the 11 hr trip up to Cloudcroft in one shot.  Although we were shattered by the time we arrived, it was worth it ....765 miles in 11 hours.
Here's Patchie's reaction to the long journey.  She wanted he bed and bottle....

The cabin is quite nice and the weather is unbelievable.  We get up around 6.30 and it's 50F (10C) and at the heat of the day it gets only to 75F (22)

We have internet connectivity through Bev's I-Pad .....but for me to get online I go down the street to the Chamber of Commerce building - where I am now - and they have 24 hr WiFi free and a little bench with an electric outlet.  How bad is that?

The owner of this cabin that we rented must have a thing for barbecue.....he has 2 grills and 2 smokers.

I cleaned up the gas grill and we've already used that.  I also cleaned the top part of the electric smoker and I've read up on what woods to use for smoking various meats and fish.  So we'll be trying that in the near future.

Colin and Anna will be visiting in early August and we are really looking forward to that.  They bring new spirit to Cloudcroft and we adults are ready for bed every night they are here.  Between tennis, hikes, horseback riding and visiting the local attractions they wear you out.

Here are two videos of the place.....

The front porch view at 0700

and the rest of the house with the side porch and all the grills......


Anonymous said...

Awww,I really enjoyed that,Eric,the ole' place looks bigger this year..I love the position up in the mountains and can't wait for Anna and Colin to arrive so we can go on the treks again. :)


EdamameMommy said...

Yeah! Thanks for posting. Al arrived yesterday and asked me for an update on how y'all were doing in Cloudcroft. Now he can see for himself! :)

I had a dream about you and grid'unting last night. Maybe it's time for a nostalgic blog entry soon, huh?

Going to the races today - first race on the program has a two-year-old bay filly named Evelyn's Dancer. She's only been in one race before that I can see, but she won it. She's favored 4-1! She'll be our fav, too, I bet!

Anonymous said...

And that folks, is a good representation of our summer digs! Very comfortable, plenty of room and peaceful, cool scenery.

Thanks, Eric. Love, Bev

Emily said...

Looks lovely!

Emily said...

Oh, and I LOVE the picture of Patch with the wine. :-)