Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mountain Greenery and Thunderstorms

We could see the results of the drought in the area and noticed a difference in the amount of green from last year.   There are fewer green fields and hillsides.  There are lots of trees that have died and many have fallen.  The camp grounds were closed until recently and while they have now opened up, campfires are not permitted.

Thus it was good to see a substantial thunderstorm last night with ample rain.  I was pleased to see comments on my post from yesterday so I took the time to download these two vids that I took last night.  They took 23 and 29 mins each while I am sitting on the hard bench on the front porch at the Cloudcroft C of C.

The Chamber doesn't open till 10 am and I got here at 0930.  About 5 mins later two ladies came across the parking area and I told them the office was closed and wouldn't be open till 10.

Oh, said one.  Are we headed in the right direction for The Lodge? We've been for a long walk and we don't really know the way back.  Is this it?
Yes I said but it's almost 2 miles and half of it uphill.   They both looked buggered and so I gallantly asked if they would like a ride.......on my bike.

Yes please they both, one by one I transported two ladies to The Lodge and they thanked me lots.  They took pictures and I'm sure it will be a tale told to many people.

Here's the vids of the storm....


EdamameMommy said...

My Dad, the gallant knight in shining moped. hee hee

Anonymous said...

hahaha I can just imagine you with the 'old ladies' on the back..hope you didn't go too fast,:) Lovely cooling pictures of the rain on the Trees...I love the sound of Rain...


Emily said...

You're a hero! :-) Very nice of you to offer.

Love the rain videos. And that thunder was spectacular! I would love to have a big rainstorm like that here.