Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day Two----IMAX and Space Museum, plus Hot Tub

We went 'downtown' to thriving Alamogordo where there is an IMAX theater and the Space Museum. We rushed thru the 4 floors of the museum because we had reserved two hours of for scheduled shows at the IMAX and wanted to be on time .
Here are some snaps of the museum.

The IMAX was really good with the first hour explaining our position and status in the universe, then the second hour was a terrific account of the troubles encountered with the Hubble telescope after it was launched in 1990 and the arduous task of making repairs using large lenses not unlike contact lenses to repair the faulty mirror.


Vetmommy said...

That whisper thing is so cool, you can even hear Anna on the video from so far away! I liked watching them in the hot tub too -- that IS the life!

Emily said...

Seems like all of Nana's plans are a hit so far! I love hearing their happy voices and laughter.