Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast this morning was well received. Not only did we have good food but the meal was celebrated by two separate Sonic Booms. Of course, this time we knew what the noise and shake was all about.

Here is a vid of the kids enjoying the meal. We are going on a hike this morning. The route is yet to be decided; we may revisit Osha or we may go to Sunspot where there is an observatory.

And after breakfast the kids played for a while.....

Then we went on our picnic lunch trail walk to Sunspot N.M. -where there are lots of telescopes- but as you will see we got rained/hailed out. But it was fun.


Emily said...

Nice manners! Even Patch isn't begging. :-)

Vetmommy said...

Looks like another fun day of simple pleasures and memory making. We are jealous of you all, and not just for the lack of heat. That downpour looked surprising!

Anonymous said...

Sooo, you have Rain too in Cloudcroft? :) sounds the ideal place to be at this time of year..
Breakfast looked good.