Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Morning Activities

After breakfast at the club the Walkers enjoyed making up games.
They played Simon Says and had other games going on. Here's a few shots..........

After that Graham and Grandad came to Bammel Lane to check on Patch and play guitar.
He's shy!


Catwoman Anna said...

You're right, granddad, Graham is shy! It's only a 4-second video!!!!
That little invention that Pagie made is cool!!

Anonymous said...

!!!!!! What happened,Graham??? come on play the Guitar for me..xx

Aunty Norma. xx

EdamameMommy said...

ha ha ha. Dying laughing at that "listening game" scrabble cum pointer finger twister. Awh, thanks for those sweet images, and you are making me MISS THEM. I'm going out to the marina now!!!!

Anonymous said...