Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall is Finally Here

Over the past week the weather has become tolerable. Last night we sat outside and it was very pleasant. Summer in Houston is really bad. No-one should live here June,July August and first part of September. The fortunates leave for cooler locales.

But then it is great in the wintertime. You can wear shorts pretty much all the time.

This morning we had crumpets with fruit for breakfast. The kids loved it. When they were ready for school we played for a few minutes outside in the FRESH cool morning air.

Here's a vid.........


Emily said...

Yay for fall! It seems to have turned so suddenly here in NYC, and jackets, boots and scarves are regular stapes again in my wardrobe. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Not been too good last few days with a cold :( ...but feel tons better now that I have had my dose of your superb Vids.! and the Girls blogs too..xx


get2eric said...

I was wrong. It has been terribly HOT since I posted this last week.

Anonymous said...