Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Barcelona to Galveston to Austin to El Paso, Oy veh!

It's been a long time since I posted, I know.
I was unwilling to pay the 50 cents per minute that Royal Caribbean charges--with slow service too.
I saw Int.Cafes in Cartagena and Bahamas but they were uninviting and seedy looking so I opted out.
I woulda posted when I got home on Sunday but we drove straight to Austin from the pier in Galveston and got home to Houston late. I barely had time to check my e-mail before we left again for dental\dermatological appts in El Paso. So here I am on Bev's lap top in the hotel waiting on our flight in 3 hours.
I will try to post some pics tomorrow. I have several you might find interesting like the ice show on the ship and the Royal Promenade, a large street that runs through the centre of the boat with shops and eating places along the way.
My old friend Jim Enright and I had a nice time and met some really good people.
One of the interesting people was a lady who was on her first cruise and first time away from her husband. I have some pics of her and I will write more about her, perhaps, next blog.
We had a lovely day In P'ville and Anna's performance was worth the long trip. Colin was a gentleman and sat the entire performance between Nana and me. I was impressed by his behaviour and I hope it continues so we can have him overnight a few times in Houston soon.
Baby Ev had not forgotten me and I am thrilled she says Grandad almost clearly. I took a little vid of her and I'll post that soon too.