Thursday, November 20, 2008


We have had no phone for over a week. We tried to switch to Vonage but it screwed up Bev's wireless and we couldn't figure out how to get Tivo to work on the cable vs. the phone line.
So we switched back to ATT and got a cheaper rate and $100 for switching but they could not turn the phone on until tomorrow, Friday.

In the meantime I have been getting voice mail from my answering machine over Vonage.

Last week I had my blood checked and frankly I was not optimistic about the results because the last two times I was checked some #s were too high.

Here's the cardiologist, Dr Aguilar, calling on my answering machine.

Great news huh?

Other than that we have been painting the bedrooms getting ready for Emily's visit at Christmas. And I'm getting worked up about my upcoming cruise which starts the day after Thanksgiving when I fly to B'lona and sail away. Final destination, Galveston where my driver will pick me up.