Monday, June 16, 2008

Evelyn's One - Evelyn's Gone

The whole bunch of them along with Li'l Bev left town. As Steph said in her space it was a sorry goodbye when all of them piled into the limo. We will miss them for the next two months and I couldn't help thinking of not seeing Ev's first steps and she will probably learn to chat while she's gone.

Father's Day yesterday and it was really good. My lovely wife waited on me hand and foot and I got phone calls from all my girls. As an added bonus I had my usual Saturday crossword to do on Sunday 'cos it arrived late and I worked Saturday p.m. We spent most of the morning thinking of Tim Russert and feeling sad that he had died suddenly on Friday. We always liked to watch his Sunday show.

Thanks to all of you for lovely day. The U.S. Open closed it all up and there'll be more of that today.

I did take some pictures of the Nantucket bound family as they were leaving.

And I did a couple of videos too..........
Here's Evelyn playing with her White Elephant and making the rude noises she knows will get a response from Nana and G'dad.

Here Nana is walking the twins and baby down towards the limo and Graham is telling us where they are off to for the summer. Massachusetts, Canada and Seattle.