Thursday, May 8, 2008

Salad Days!

Early in the spring, as happens every year, I got the 'plant something' urge.

One Saturday we were at Lowe's and they had beautiful patio tomato plants for $6.
I thought that would be a treat having a productive plant on my patio so I bought one. It was and is the most expensive tomato plant I ever bought.
I saw the same plants on sale at Home Depot the next week for $2.49.

My plant had two large tomatoes already set on it. I had bought some expensive soil for my Meyer lemon tree- shown in an earlier post- and had some left over which I thought I would spread around my new plant and spoil it into being a major league producer. After I did that I waited week after week for it to take off, which it didn't. It has remained the same size for at least 6 weeks and finally the first tomato ripened. Here it is. All $3.00 worth of it.

For comparison, here is a red pepper for which I paid .50c............

Funny old life isn't it?


Emily said...

Ah, that's so frustrating, isn't it? Last year, when I had a garden, I waited and waited (not so patiently) for my tomatoes and then the squirrels got them before I did.

EdamameMommy said...

I have had ZERO luck with tomatoes in Houston. I was thinking you'd put me to shame. Perhaps your green thumb isn't as green without the chickinsh!t you used in ELP for fertilizer?

Jennifer said...

Nice produce! A homegrown tomato is always worth the cost and sacrifice.

Look at you, all fancy making links to previous entries in your post!

Anonymous said...