Sunday, May 18, 2008

Colin's 5th Birthday

Colin Oliver was 5 on Saturday.
Steph and her kids along with Nana and I went on a one day 'not-so-quick-trip' to Austin for the event. The flight schedule for the return was such that it made the Houston kids 3 hours late for their normal bedtime routine. They did quite well but it was a little tough on them.
It was worth it. Not only did the kids have a great time- all the cousins together, but the adults were treated to a great dinner before rushing to the airport for our flight back to Houston.
Anyway, as you will see from these pics the party was a huge success and ColyOly had a great day. His dad made a terrific cake themed after Col's favorite topic- trains.

Lots of family and friends enjoyed the day with him. Including Auntie Emily who flew in from NEW YORK CITY just for the event and Oma and Ryan and Henley who made the trip from Big D

I will download some video later and add to these stills which were taken by neighbor Chris .....

Here's the cake...

Colin eating his cake with the number 5 on his piece

Colin and Anna and Graham on playground

Colin opens present

Colin on swing