Friday, February 15, 2008

One from column A, one from B....CONTINUED

Here's a pic of Nana and Emily at the airport as Emily was leaving for NYC.
And here's a pic of Evelyn and G'dad photoshopped to remove Evie's red-eye.

And here's a picture of Bev with our friends Jack and Jill (whom we met through our friends Peter and Wendy ) ----honest!

And here's Li'l Beverly (BIG Beverly's namesake) who was accepted to Texas A&M University to continue a great tradition in the Brooks/Lewis families.

To complete the title of 'one from column A', here's a picture of the fish we ate in a Chinese restaurant with Jack and Jill.............................


EdamameMommy said...

Awh, you caught Ev doing one of her latest tricks, the wave. She has a neck in this picture, too, which makes her look all too big!!!!

Emily said...

Ha ha, Steph's right, you can see Evie's neck in that pic! Nice recap with the pics. So glad you got your camera back!

jgjbfamily said...

Great shots! It is wonderful to see you got your camera back! Congrats Li'l Beverly!

Anonymous said...