Friday, February 29, 2008

Dicky computer-no posts

While my computer is in Pflugerville, I cannot post easily. My replacement is a brick!
I bought it a couple of years ago as a temp replacement for when my main computer is being repaired. That way I am able to get mail and watch Wall St. tumble without interruption.
But, the temp replacement is a real pain. It is so slow it sometimes takes 45 mins to just open the mail service. And I cannot see pictures and there is no audio. Firefox doesn't load and I'm forced to use Internet Explorer. YouTube video watching is out of the question nor can I upload to it. The thing is constantly telling me there is insufficient virtual memory paging and that I am at risk! (Fast lane at last!)

Anyway, don't look for highly entertaining stuff here until Anthony sends me my lifeline back.


paula said...

Oh you soooo have my sympathy!! Mine is so unpredictable I swear it has hormones ... XX

Emily said...

At least you can charm us with your witticisms...

Anonymous said...

Awww hurry up and get better, Erics' compy. xx
I see you too have the new posting thingy..well I am signing off as usual so I hope you receive this post..Norma.xx

somebody said...