Friday, January 11, 2008


I got more comments about not blogging than I get when I blog. Nowt queer as folks.

Anyway here's something I'll throw at the wall to see what sticks.

We are looking forward to yet another trip back to UK this year. We have even bought plane tickets so as not to put ourselves through the hassle of 'standing by' waiting for a seat and feeling like pond scum whether accommodated or not.
Of course there will be self-recrimination if the seats are available and we coulda gone First Class as standbys for a fraction of the cost of our guaranteed Coach seats.

Oh well, back to the trip........we have done a couple of narrowboat trips before and we really like the quiet, the incredible views from the canals, and the coziness of having your own private cottage that floats as your hotel. Unfortunately the photos I have of those prior canal trips were taken before I had a digital camera and so until I get a scanner, I cannot post them.

Oh well, back to the trip........real reason for going to England is to celebrate my older brother Ken's 90th birthday. We will all congregate in a small Welsh town called Pant y Turnor ( close to Llangadog ) which is relatively close to Merthyr Tydfil---so now you know exactly where it is! heh? Uncle Ken has long been revered by my kids as was his late wife Auntie Olive whom Jennifer has written about in her blog.

Rummaging through my folders to see if I had any downloadable photos that would fit in with this post I found several shots that I thought would be good to post, because they are from two or three other trips over the past few years.

Starting with May 2004 I'll show you Bev on Las Ramblas in Barcelona and me at Cataluña Square. A fruit seller's stall at the market, again in Barcelona and then we will get to some shots of family and other stuff.

After the cruise we flew up to John Lennon airport in Liverpool and visited Runcorn.
Here's my brother Colin and his daughter Paula with her husband Richard and son Luke.

The following year I met Emily at London's Gatwick and here she is when I met her in the terminal....Doesn't she look lovely?

Keep this pic in mind because I will follow on from here on my next episode.