Monday, January 28, 2008

The Jet Set.....or....A-hunting we will go.

Tonight we had fresh(never frozen) quail for dinner. Last Friday we went down to the King Ranch on a private jet and were regaled with home cooked ranch food -goes great with French wine- a maid to tidy the room ( Like on a cruise ) and hunting with a guide and a dog handler and dogs. Thanks Al and Steph for inviting us.

We got there Friday afternoon and went hunting immediately. The dogs worked so well and we were lucky enough to run into 5 covies and a few singles. Steph scored with her first shot. I was a bit slow but did eventually break the ice. We hunted again Saturday and Sunday. It was really fun because the twins came with us both days and were so well behaved and interested in all that was going on like finding shed horns and skeletal mandibles with teeth still attached from javelinos and deer. Little Evie was a perfect baby and happily stayed in camp with Ruby her baby sitter while Mommy was out hunting.

I got my camera back just in time to take it with, so I have some shots and video.

Here we all are enjoying the wilderness and the company.

Paige and Grandad ready to go hunting.

Graham added a few items to this pile of shed horns

Graham riding shotgun on the truck

Evelyn and Mommy and........

Here's a little video showing how it looked on the truck..........