Friday, July 27, 2007

While they're Hot

I downloaded a lot of pics and vids yesterday from the Pflugerville experience..
Some are in the post below this one and a couple of pics that pertained to the Mentzer Pool trip in the post below that one. Sneaky of me to add to the old posts but I wanted to see if anyone was paying attention!
Here are a whole lot of other shots......
Anna looking at a James Herriott book that was a gift from Auntie Stephanie to Colin.
Nana reading to the kids
Grandad can read too!
Boggled by computer games
This is an attention control device
Nana is good at reading stories
So we keep getting her to do it
Colin in mask, Nana doesn't have a mask on!
Anna in mask
Nana force feeding salad to Anna
So Anna sticks out her tongue
Look Ma, no cavities
My tongue is bigger than yours
Oh yeah, well look at this
Anna in composed state finally