Saturday, July 21, 2007

Me and Colin

I am trying to give Nana a small break...she is at dancing class with Anna.
Colin and I, or 'me and Grandad' as he says, are playing at home. He just asked me if he could play on the computer. No, 'cos you've already had 1/2 hour this morning.
But, The Championship is on and he and I will sneak an hour of golf watching while we have no interruptions from the girls.........
Colin likes golf! He knows who Sergio is and recognizes traps and greens.
We had whole wheat pancakes for brekkie and we are preparing to go to the pool next.
Colin and me will have to record the Championship so we can see its conclusion upon our return.
We spent more than 2 hours at the pool.

Beautiful sunny day and it was not crowded until just before we left. It really is a nice place to go. We went down the big slide at least 20 times. Nachos were in order when we got home. Then I watched Sergio lose the tournament while Nana and the kids watched a movie. Colin had lost interest in Sergio.

Kielbasa sausage and potato salad for dinner tonight. With roasted eggplant and frijoles on the side. H E B had some nice white corn today so we all had 1/2 ear........Anna couldn't eat it on the cob 'cos her teeth are loose.
Everyone agreed that the potato salad was delicious.

Tomorrow is our third to last day of taking care of the Martin kids......aawwhhh
I'm sure the kittens will miss us, they will have to find someone else to terrorize.


Jennifer said...

Thank you so much for being there... we are having a great time here (although we do miss them and talk about them a lot).

EdamameMommy said...

Oh man, wish there were pics of these things. I'm imagining the kitten shenanigans. hee hee

Norma. said...

I'm glad you watched the Golf...wasn't it exciting? and even the rain didn't stop the superb action...does Colin like the Golf or is it Sergio :o)

Emily said...

Glad you got some "guy time" with Colin. He's a sweetie.

Jennifer said...

Sorry about los gatitos... at least Francesca is also on vacacion, eh?

somebody said...