Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Switchback Trail revisitedJuly 15th 2013

We have done this trail maybe three times before.  It is a 4.4 mile loop.  The first time we did it we missed a sign and made it into at least 6 miles-the last two uphill.  Then we had to walk downhill two miles to retrieve the scooter.....in the rain.

This time because of the cool weather, about 65 degrees it was a piece of cake.  I had made fresh cod butties and we had them sitting on a big rock about 2/3s of the way round.  Because of the cool, and it being Monday we saw no-one else at all on the trail.

Here are a few pics...


Emily said...

Great pics! How were the butties?

Vetmommy said...

I walked the dogs last night while Colin accompanied me on his scooter. It was not as cool or scenic! Jealous.