Thursday, February 23, 2012

Destin Revisited

We drove last Thursday past New Orleans to Slidell, Louisiana and overnighted there.  It was a 6 hr drive. Next day we went on into Sandestin - 4 more hours but it was relatively easy with the break in between driving days.

Although the weather was cold we had lots of plans for the long w/e.  There was a dog parade on Monday and Mardi Gras on Tuesday.  Patch and Maggie got blinged out for the doggie walk and we all had a great time catching beads and whatnot at the Mardi Gras parade.  I thought I would be a bit bored by it but, NO! It was a blast and we had a great time.

Patchie and her Mardi Gras adornments

Looking at the coast and beach

not many swimmers

She's working

Brian, Sandy and Bev enjoying CH wine

It's a bloody mary morning

At lunch in Ft Walton Beach

Martinis all around

One couple drove back to Ft Lauderdale on Tuesday and missed the parade.  Beverly, Brian and Eric drove back to Texas on Wednesday.  An
 11 hr drive non-stop at 70 - 80 mph.  Ugghh!


Emily said...

What a treasure to have friends like these for so many years! Glad you had a great time.
And I LOVE Patchie's costume! Adorable. Did she mind it?

get2eric said...

No, she was OK with

Anonymous said...

Oops have only just found these pics,,,will look ate them propery tomorrow (off for Tea now)all look very interesting :) xx


Anonymous said...

Lovely..Bev! you look younger every time I 'see' you! The Beach view looked very chilly Brrr and what a DRIVE,Eric! blimey did you take turns?