Wednesday, November 16, 2011

RSF Revisited

I came out again today to Rancho Santa Fe

It is a really beautiful place and the first thing we did after picking up the kids from school was go to visit the horses.  Graham is still not feeling in top form so he did not ride but Evelyn and PK did.

Steph and I will do a trail ride tomorrow.

Someone asked what we would do for dinner and I suggested the club because I like the Wednesday presentation they have .  They go nuts with hamburgers and that's what we did. With the time change it is dark in California by 5.30 pm.  We were all tired and ready for bed.  I did get a pic of Evie and a video too.

These pics don't show how big her eyes are..too bad.  She's already telling time, counting in hundreds and doing simple add and subtract maths.

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Anonymous said...

I keep looking at these pics of Evie sleeping..she is so lovable. xxxx