Monday, June 13, 2011

Pool Day

Bev was gone all afternoon for a meeting so I took the kids to the pool.  We got there at 1400 and I thought we'd be there about an hour.
Finally at 1630 they'd had enough.  They were in the water for 2+ hours without a break!


Emily said...

Grandad, didn't you get in the water with them? You should coach them on diving. I remember you teaching me.

It's nice that they enjoy each other's company so much. :-)

Vetmommy said...

The pool is easy, endless entertainment. I remember spending hours like that as a kid, too. I'm so glad that they are such good swimmers, and that they get along.

Stinker Colin never did fall into the water without moving a muscle on film!

Can't wait to hear about NASA!

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL!! they make it look so easy!