Monday, December 21, 2009

Anna's Recital 2009

For the past three years Anna's ballet group performed a recital at Christmastime.
The first year it was in a small hall with folding chairs. Last year they upgraded to the nearby High School auditorium. It has padded seats and is pretty plush.

We drove up to P'ville Sunday a.m. and drove back to Houston after the show. Gruelling I know but well worth the effort.
They do a great job and while the tickets are expensive the results are worth it. They even give you Dean and DeLuca class snacks at intermission. The costumes are world class and the kids have a great time performing.

Despite the hours of practice to make everything perfect, the law of contrary seems always to find its spot and something goes awry. The first year a little girl tumbled and broke her arm in what at first appeared to be a harmless slip. This year the cardboard cup that the kids were hiding behind fell forward and revealed them. Funny. And I captured it on forbidden video.

Here's Nana and Colin before the show started.

And the pretty flowers Nana bought for Anna.

Here's video of Anna in her routines. It's not professional camera work but you can see the nice job Anna and her helpers did.

And here she is with her bouquet of roses.....Picture courtesy of Anthony and sorry it will not enlarge.

Well done Anna. We love you.
Nana and Grandad.