Friday, November 27, 2009

A Little Taste of Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Grandma Dulce got a ride in the Aston Martin.........

And we had a terrific dinner with Kistler to go with the butternut squash soup Nana prepared and Fort La Tour Bordeaux to complement the tenderloin and smoked turkey we had.

Here's the table before we messed it up.

And here it is after we started...

Graham and Paige dressed as a Pilgrim and an American Indian

Pictures of the ladies who flew in to be with us for our Thanksgiving celebration.

And Graham after the feast asleep with the dog-----the flash did wake him up!

And Paige licking the whisk....followed by Dulce getting a pedicure.

It's no wonder these ladies don't want to go home..

Finally Nana and Evelyn