Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What a Life

Sad news today about my friend Roy Carter passing away yesterday in Weaverham.
Roy was a kind man. He loved to sing.
We got along well. He really liked to party back in the 1960s and he and his wife Beryl were people we always sought out when we visited England in those cold foggy days. Before global warming. :-)

Moving on...Got a terrific little present today from Jennifer and Anth ( mostly Anth ) It was an album that had lots of pics from our Spring Break cruise. We really had a good time. Thanks for the memento.

Last night we had dinner with my son-in-law Al who had brought the fresh clams the night before. I had reported on Facebook about that and I made some good New England clam chowder which Al came to enjoy with us. It was a great evening.

Today I had the day off. Bev worked for 6 hours or so. The computer connection at our small house was spotty to say the best and she went to the Walker's to work for about 4 hours. Before she left we finished the chowder for lunch. I read the rest of the afternoon.

Tonight after pasta and meatballs for dinner we went back to the construction site at the Walker residence and here is what is going on. You can see in an earlier post Here
What the old site looked like.

Here is the ongoing work.

It rained today and I wish you could be here to enjoy the humidity.....


Emily said...

Oh, so sad to hear Roy passed away. He was always so kind to us girls, and I remember him fondly.

Looks like a lot of progress is being made on the construction! Glad Patchie is keeping an eye on it all. ;-)

Vetmommy said...

Oh, I am sad to hear about Roy, too. He was such a delightful man! I remember him making us lamb stew one visit. It was so delicious it made me forget about seeing the lamb forelegs in their all-too-recognizable form beforehand!

My favorite Roy memory, though, is when I visited him when I was in England as a veterinary student. He tried to stump me, asking, "What has a horse not got, that every other animal has got?" Fortunately I knew it was a gallbladder, and I also told him rats were without gallbladders. He was so tickled that I knew! I will never forget his delivery of that line!

Anonymous said...

Yes,Jenn,Roy loved and worked with Horses..he was not a very tall Man but he had a wicked sense of humour :)..he loved you all visiting ..he will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Ermm.. what Foggy days are you talking about,E ? we never had Fog in England! :)We now have horrid Humidity though! :(


Anonymous said...