Saturday, June 13, 2009

People I've Met.......Impressions

I drafted this almost a year ago and had 2nd thoughts about posting it. I decided I would even though it seems a little self-serving.

Just looking at Karen's Facebook comments about right brain/left brain people and I saw Stephen Hawking's pic.

Many years ago I met him and facilitated him getting aboard an aircraft twice. No simple matter. First time I saw him he was accompanied by a nurse type who later on became his wife. He was totally uncommunicative except for the voice synthesizer which he controls by blinking.

As I was escorting him down the jetway to board the airplane I asked him if he wanted me to push his wheelchair. "No, Let me do it" It was startling because it was a loud 'no' which I had not anticipated.

The second time I was with him he was more controlled by his nurse/ wife and I was only involved in seeing that everything went well for them. I did greet him and he answered. This was at Houston's George Bush airport.

I was fortunate in my life to meet many famous people. Many of them blew me away at the time. Tommy Steele, Kookie Ed Burns,Phil Everly, Lonnie Donegan,MLK,Johnny Carson,Ray Charles,Frankie Laine, Walter Cronkite :-) Sandra Dee, Mickey Mantle and others.

Nice guys were Paul Anka, Steve Allen, Jimmy Durante, Mel Brooks and Bob Hope. These were all easy to talk to and seemingly unaffected by the fame. All of them had questions which stimulated conversation and they were good listeners.

Oh, and Jennifer and I met Mickey Mouse.