Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Conversation over a snack

Graham looking at a quarter: I think that's George Washington. Is it Grandad?
G'Dad: Well, it's a likeness of GW but it's not really him is it?
GMan: No it's a likeness.
GDad: He died a long time ago.
GMan: When Mommy was a baby?
GD: No, way before that.
He was buried around 1800 and it's now 2009
so it was more than 200 years ago
Grah: Were you alive?
GD: NO, I wasn't alive.
GMan: You're really old Grandad.

Thanks Graham

Graham: Grandad, did you have braces?
No Gray I never had braces. Your Mommy did, and Auntie Emily did as did Auntie Jennifer. Nana had braces too.

Well, what is all that silver stuff on your teeth?

GDad: Fillings Graham.
GMan: What is fillings?

GDad: When you have too much sugar or stuff your teeth get decay and they get cavities. Holes. And they drill out the holes and fill them with amalgamate. It's silver.

GMan: Well can you brush your teeth when you have braces.
GDad: Oh yes, yes you can.

GMan: Well how about fillings can you do it then?
GDad: Yes Graham, I brush every day morning and night. Sometimes in between too.
Thanks Graham.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love our little Grahamie!!!!
Love, Nana

Vetmommy said...

He is so funny! Killing me with that and the ambrosia comments.

Emily said...

LOL! Such a curious boy. I'm glad he's got such a wonderful grandad to pose all these questions to!

Anonymous said...

..Lovely little Boy..watch out though,Ec, they grow up so very quickly! Norma.x

Anonymous said...

Norma, did you notice he was having tea in a proper English china cup? He and Paige love this afternoon ritual at our house.

paula said...

So funny, love those conversations.

Anonymous said...

oo my post hasn't come through yet...anyway twice now I wanted to ask..please what is the Brown thingy on the table in front of Graham?

somebody said...