Monday, October 6, 2008

After School Snack

Nana picked up Paige after school and asked her if she wanted a snack before she went home. "Yes," she said. "Some Cheshire Cheese would be good"

So here is the cheese and here is PK doing a little colouring and Nana beaming at her granddaughter's skills.


Emily said...

Yum. Auntie Emily likes Cheshire Cheese, too!
Nice pic of the Nana.

EdamameMommy said...

Wonder if she'd try a little Branston pickle and Jacob's cracker with that...hmmm.

BIG GIRL. Look how grown up she is. Lately all I have been seeing when I look at her is how VASTLY different she looks from the 4 lb 11 oz squirt with poolish dark eyes that emerged from my body forehead first.

I love my Paige.

get2eric said...

Yep, I saw those pool eyes too. She was so little and I remember holding her when we finally got the twins home from the hospital.

She is such a lovely little girl. So knowing. And so protective of her brother and sister.

And, her dark eyes turned out to be blue, like Nana's.............

Anonymous said...