Monday, August 18, 2008

Early Days.

She worked at the candy counter at the east end of the terminal building right next to Skychef's restaurant. The boys in the locker room were talking about her- "have you seen the new girl at the candy counter" said David Day, "she is really nice,"
"And she lives out in Huntington"
"That makes here geographically undesirable" said John Cook my locker partner.
After I pulled my uniform on I ran up the stairs and saw her. There were two salesgirls behind the counter busy with three or four customers. She stood out... She was so good looking... Fresh young face and blonde hair that looked like it smelled great! She had on a little cardigan over a white blouse. She didn't see me as I took her in passing by to go to DCC to get my work assignment.

I was to be working Gate 1. That meant I would pass her on the way to the west side of the building. This time she wasn't so busy and I stopped and got some Winstons and told her my name and got hers. She was a little shy and told me about this little ring she had that was an Indian puzzle - three strands of gold that could unravel easily if you took the ring off and were difficult to get back together.

Anyway it gave us something to talk about to get over the nerves. That night and the next, every time I passed the candy counter I would look for her and flirt. I called her name over the PA and did anything daft to get her to notice me as boys do.

She regarded me with what I took to be some interest too so after a day or two I asked her if she could stop for a drink. She got off work late at night as did I and had a 40 minute ride out to 'the island'.
She said she would and we arranged to drive together in separate cars to Club Chris, a local joint on the Belt Parkway. She was in her little 'unsafe at any speed' Corvair and I in my 1954 Ford which I had bought from John Cook for $50.

We were together in the bar for only half an hour or so and I walked her out to the car where we lingered for a few minutes.

I liked her a lot. And she said she'd see me again if I wanted.......


EdamameMommy said...

ooh, so sweet, you can just feel the youth in that post. And from that willingness to see you again, so much has you have FIVE grandchildren and a million memories together. Keep em coming!

Anonymous said...

Yes,I remember my name being paged over the system - I was in the ladies room and I kind of paniced! Then I couldn't remember your name correctly and got it mixed up with David Underhill and so I thought your name was Eric Underwood! Seems so long ago and ... yet not. I was 18 (Bevie's age) and you were what my mother called "an older man" at 25. Now, here we are 43 years (42 married) later and still going strong.
Love you, Bev

Emily said...

Very sweet! I've heard the story before, of course, being an offspring, but I still love to hear it again...

Jennifer said...

I didn't know about the intercom paging! And all the guys checking her out. How funny. It is a great, nostalgic story.

Anonymous said...