Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Owl Update with link to Steph's Original posts.

Last year two owls took up residence for a while in Steph's yard. We installed an owl house but they did not use it. They were gone for several months through the winter and recently returned. They always perch in the same tree where the box is and this last month they began to occupy it.

You can see Steph's posts on these birds in July last year here. They appear to be fledglings in Steph's pics.


Emily said...

That is so cute!

EdamameMommy said...

They are my friends, I watch them everyday. The other owl has "branch duty" I can even see a feathered little bit of him in the picture at the bottom of the scroll on the left in the second pic. The other night the box owl, I'm calling that the female, was flying in and out checking on her nest during the hunting hours. Or was that him bringing her takeout? I'm so eager to see her owlets.

get2eric said...

And if you look carefully you can see his ears poking at the top of the scroll!

Anonymous said...