Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I always hated appraisals at work.....except for the few times they were well done.

Today I went across town to the County Tax Appraisal Office to file for homestead and 65+ on the property taxes. I had investigated the subject before leaving ELP and had gotten a certificate from the ELP office as the Texas State resource site had advised.
BUT, the nice lady at the Harris County office told me I needed to take the certificate to a downtown Houston location.........quite a trip and fun figuring out the parking meter. Once inside after a few inquiries about where I should go I ended up on the 3rd floor and in the 'Customer Service' area. "Do you need Cust. Ser. Sir?" said the obviously hungry for lunch young woman. After I waved my certificate from ELP at her she said, "Is it embossed?" ( I got your embossed right here Lady thought me ) But I smiled and said no this is what they gave me. Another nicer lady said she would handle it and did so........The trip was not a complete loss though since downtown (almost) is where the Spec's Wine Store is located... I made a deal with them---and came home with 12 bottles of acceptable plonk.